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School admissions

November 16, 2006

Before I had finished celebrating my daughter’s admission, a new diktat has come from Karnatka Education Minister, Mr. Horatti. He says that schools cannot give admissions to pre-nursary students before April next year. The is done for the parents who will be transferred to Bangalore next year. This is rubbish!!! For less than 1% students, 99% will have to suffer. I just wish that these ministers do something useful rather than passing these useless rules. Schools affiliated to CBSE/ICSE are saying that they cannot be govenrned by these rules, but lets see what happens.

Keeping my fingers crossed!


Experience with Generics and ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor in Java 5

November 11, 2006

I got a chance to use generics recently. We are building a J2EE application that will work as a server for another client product. As all other server, we needed a Scheduler to schedule various background tasks. I thought I will do it and with Java 5 it is kind of straight forward with ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor. To add more fun to it, I added few more features and there I ran into problems with Generics.

  1. The biggest problem is very basic. Generics are compile-time constructs and hence the power of generics is greatly limited. There are reflection APIs but they are of no use as I can’t use them to do anything functional.
  2. The code becomes very difficult to understand.
  3. The classes that uses parameters are not good candidates for serialization and de-serialization. There is no way to push the types while de-serializing and this is again due to compile-time nature of it.

Looking at all above, I decided the cut the scope of generics in my module and its pretty much managiable.

About ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor, its a great funtionality. I just wanted that there is way to relate the task that is submitted and Runnable that is created by the executor. This is required in many utility methods like RejectedTaskHandler, where in I might want to invoke a funtion on the rejected task. There could be lot more applications for this. In Sun’s implementation I found out that it basically uses the returned ‘Future’ object only as runnable, but I cannot write code on the knowledge of internal implementation. It can change anytime and my program will break.

My daughter’s school admission

November 11, 2006

My daughter is turning 3 and she would be going to school from next year. Getting admission in a Bangalore school is really difficult and I finally managed to get admission in Greenwood High ( . I was trying for three schools in Kormangala as it would be near to home and creche.

NPS – They clearly said while giving out forms that its tough to get admission there. They have two parallel systems – Montessory and Nursary. For Montessory, my daughter is over-age and for nursary, she is under-age. Funny thing. Never have a baby in December!!!

Bethany High – The entire process is very cumbersome. I have to write an application to get an application form. With the application form, address proof, birth certificate and medical certificate (yes, its true) has to attached. They don’t have the bus facility for pre-nursery and nursery students, so though this school has the best location for me, it will not fit nicely. After submitting the form, I was told to remember the form number. They will display the list of candidates for interview on 20th December and they will just display the form number there. Overall experience was not very nice and it gave a government school kind of impression.

Greenwood High – This school is from the same management as Bethany high. The queue is very long and the school in Koramangla is upto UKG only. The main school is on Sarjapur Road. The school has created a good impression and has grown rapidly, one indicator is that their admission fee is doubling every year!!

Of the above, Greenwood seemed to be the best choice.

These schools are pretty expensive. Not sure trying admission in these schools is the right thing to do as I also believe that I don’t have to spend that much money to get good education for my kid.

Hello world!

November 11, 2006

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